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High adaptability to customer-specific demands and legal requirements

The implementation of comprehensive and often complex technical requirements concerning energy data management (regulatory/internal requirements) calls for a robust, but also flexible, platform which will support the process. In order to attain a high level of integration with associated processes (market communication, metrology, invoicing and balancing group management) and to avoid interfaces, the component IS-U/EDM can be used as a central element in the scope of a SAP solution. It offers a choice of standard functionalities for the mapping of EDM functions and processes, and provides a high level of adaptability for customer specific requirements, as well as future legal requirements.

ConVista integrates the standard functionalities of SAP IS-U EDM and further extends them in order to support the technical requirements brought about by different market roles of the Electricity and gas sectors when required. This includes compiling or adapting the database in SAP IS-U for benchmarks and entry points as well as for the necessary market domains, the establishment of accounting and allocation procedures and the creation of a suitable market communication which supports the incoming and outgoing EDM processes. On top of that, ConVista plans, develops and integrates tools on the basis of SAP functionalities or partner solutions that activate and monitor processes.

You do not rely on SAP IS-U/EDM? We also incorporate solutions from other producers in SAP IS-U for a permanent process Support.

  • Planning and implementing technical (regulatory and internal) requirements completely and correctly by means of SAP IS-U and SAP IS-U/EDM

  • Using SAP IS-U/EDM standard functionalities extended by suitable enhancements; if necessary, re-standardization  of existing functions

  • Optimal integration into the associated processes (market communication, metrology, invoicing and balancing group Management)

Carlos Pereira Borgmeyer

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