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Analyzing and Simulating Remuneration Models

Early simulation of changes using a new SAP ICM add-on

Central changes in remuneration models have a significant impact on paid remunerations and commissions — at least since January 2015 when the new German Life Insurance Reform Act (Lebensversicherungsreformgesetz) became effective. This is not only of relevance for individual agents/brokers but for the entire sales organization. In most cases, insurance companies have the necessary data basis to better assess the effects and risks of changes to remuneration models. However, they often fail to do so due to limits of the software or tools they use, which do not offer any features for merging data.

The newly developed ConVista add-on for the SAP ICM module bridges this very gap by providing analyses and simulations of remuneration models. The new add-on simulates any changes in current or historic remuneration models using data from the system of already paid remunerations and commissions. This allows you to analyze any effects early on in the design process.

Bring all your existing data into play with the new technological opportunities provided by the SAP platform and look confidently towards the future.