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ConVista Test Suite for FS-CD & FI-CA

Context-sensitive test data management

Meaningful and replicable (test) data similiar to production data, is required for conducting tests, creating training environments or holding workshops. Data should also be provided within a reasonable expenditure of cost and time. As a result, it is necessary to transfer the test data to other clients or respective system environments securely and quickly, while ensuring that sensitive data is anonymized. Often the same test data is used for several tests, which allows improved comparibility when testing results in errors. In the event of a fault, training and test case results should be able to preserve data constellations for subsequent, detailed investigations.

The ConVista Test Suite fulfills these requirements and makes it possible to produce clearly defined test data. The existing test data can be saved within categorizable test files, edited in order to adapt them to defined requirements and extended. For example, due to different release states, data can be adapted to changed table structures, physically deleted in SAP tables and afterwards securely entered again for conducting test scenarios, retesting or demos. It is also possible to use your own data masking module. The main fields of application are the implementation of FS-CD/FI-CA, release changes, maintenance and further development in the scope of training or adjustments of production problems.

  • Creating test data using relations of the SAP object model and repositories

  • Using/introducing the ConVista process knowledge

  • Selective resetting objects and data

  • Simplifying the cyclical testing procedure and retests

  • Customer-specific enhancements can be made