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Data Privacy Statement

The protection of your personal data is of our utmost concern.

In the following sections we would like to inform you about the manner, extent and purpose of the collection and use of your data in the context of this website.

Access Data

Each time you access a page of our website or open a file and with each transmission of a form, the browser you use transmits certain data to our server in the context of its request. This transmitted data is used by the server to provide the requested content and is stored in connection with server-sided information about the (non-) performance of the request. That data is stored in protocol files.

A protocol file consist of the following data:

  • Point in time (date and time) of the request
  • URL of the requested content
  • IP-address
  • Transmitted data volume
  • Status of access (data transmitted, data not found etc.)

The data is used to enable the use of the website, for example to provide a requested page or file or in case of access errors to remediate said errors. Additionally the saved data is analyzed for statistical purposes (see section “Piwik”).

Input Options

To be able to utilize certain services (e.g. to request a call-back), there are options to fill in personal or commercial data in several places of the website. The transmission of that data by the user is voluntary. The data, which is thereby transmitted, is saved in protocol files of the server used to fulfill the request (e.g. e-mail server for the purpose of transmitting requested material) and is solely used for the purpose of performing the described service.


Cookies are small text files, which are sent from our server to your computer, where they are also stored. They can contain various information, which can be read by our server in the context of a current or future visit and can be equipped with additional information.

To make the visit of our website comfortable and to enable the use of certain functions, e.g. give you and take into consideration the choice of the content language, we utilize cookies on different pages of our website.

In detail following cookies are being used:


When visiting our website a so-called session-cookie is placed on your computer. It contains a digit sequence, which makes it possible to store the settings made by you in the context of the website on the server and to allocate them to the cookie. This, for example, facilitates the delivery of all (sub-) pages of the website in the language version selected by you without demanding a selection for each of these sites.

This cookie and the server-sided data related to it will be deleted after the end of the browser session.


To prevent the need to display anew the banner notice concerning the use of cookies in context of our website after you’ve closed said banner notice, the closure of that banner initiates the placement of a cookie containing this respective information.

This cookie remains on your computer until the end of the expiration period unless you delete it. This period lasts 365 days.


Concerning the placement of cookies in the context of the analytics tool Piwik please take notice of the respective section of this data privacy statement.

Naturally you have the option to use our content without cookies. In the settings of your browser you can determine whether or not you would like to accept the placement of cookies. By default most browsers are automatically set to accept it. If you wish to prevent the use of cookies, you may select the respective settings in your browser, e.g. “no cookies accepted” or the like. These settings can often be found within the menu section “data privacy” or something similar. Please be informed that you may not be able to use all of our websites’ functions to the full extent in this case.


This website employs Piwik, an open-source-software used for the statistical analysis of user accesses. Piwik uses cookies and the transmitted access data (see section „access data“) to facilitate a statistical analysis of your visits of the website. The information (e.g. which (sub-) pages were accessed) generated in relation to your use of the website will be saved on our server in Germany and will not be forwarded/transmitted to third parties. As far as an IP-address is recorded, it will be anonymized immediately after its processing and right before its storage. As described in section „cookies“, you can prevent the placement of cookies by adjusting the settings of your browser software accordingly.

In the event that you do not concur with the analysis of the data relating to your visit of the website you can express your objection to the analysis as follows. Your objection is considered by placing a cookie on your computer. In the event of the deletion of this or all cookies, please consider that you would have to declare your objection anew if you want to uphold it.


Social Plugins

In the context of the website we employ Social Plugins („plugins“) of the following social networks:

  • “Facebook”, Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA
  • „LinkedIn“, LinkedIn Corporation, 2029 Stierlin Court, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA

Facebook plugins are labeled with a Facebook logo or the addition “Facebook social plugin”. LinkedIn plugins are labeled with a LinkedIn logo or a relating LinkedIn lettering.

The default setting for plugins is: „deactivated“. Therefore the mere access of one of our website’s pages, which contains such a plugin, does not initiate any data transmission to the respective provider. Only after the activation of such a plugin through a click on the respective activation button your browser will initiate a direct connection to the servers of the respective provider. The plugin’s content will be transmitted directly from the respective provider to your browser and implemented into the website.

After the activation, the respective social network can record data related to you, regardless of whether or not you are interacting with the respective buttons and functions of a plugin. After the activation, the implementation of the plugin – inter alia – provides the respective provider with the information that you accessed the respective page of our website. If you are logged into your account at the respective provider, the provider can correlate your access to your respective account. 

When you interact with one of the plugins, e.g. you click the Facebook „like“-button, the respective information will be directly transmitted from your browser to the respective provider and stored there. It is possible that information may be displayed visibly to the public or to connected third parties in the provider’s respective network.

For information about the purpose and extent of the data recording and the subsequent processing and use of that data by the provider as well as information about your corresponding rights and setting options for the purpose of protecting your privacy, please adhere to the data protection statements of the respective provider.



E-Mail Information Services

In the context of a business contact, you might transmit your business contact details to us, in particular your email-address. We use such contact details to provide you with requested and further business information in line with the nature of the business relationship. To provide you with information interesting for you, we collect data with regard to your interaction with the information, namely if you actually do query and retrieve provided information.

You may, at any given time, object to the further use of your data for the aforementioned purposes or revoke a given permission as the case may be. You can also do so by sending us an according email to