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Software Development & Maintenance

Customer-specific, individual solutions, kept close to standard, and standard secure technical support.

Although the implementation of standard software brings with it many advantages, customer requirements cannot always be completely met by a standard solution. It makes sense to develop the technology in order to meet the customer’s needs..

ConVista designs and builds software products, with a particular focus on flexibility and architecture. Whether it be solutions based on SAP standard (ABAP, integrated solutions based on Microsoft technology or our own products based on JAVA and the component models Java Enterprise Edition (JEE), our products  are typically certified by the platform producer after a undergoing a thorough quality assurance process.

Vital success factors for the day-to-day operation of software include continuous maintenance and service and, if necessary, the required implementation of change requests and other adjustments. As part of the overall application lifecycle ConVista offers  a standardized and uniform process for error reporting  and maintenance and the roll-out of hotfixes, patches and upgrades strictly in accordance with risk- and compliance guidelines.

At ConVista we can provide experienced developers,  consultants  and quality managers, who have both technical and the necessary  functional competences. As an SAP development partner and SAP Global Support Partner, ConVista’s solutions are certified.  Both the installation and delivery over the ConVista download center, as well as the entire maintenance conform to SAP standard.


  • Design and  implementation at the highest technical and functional level
  • SAP Partner and accredited SAP Global Support Partner
  • Software development and SAP development and quality guidelines
  • Software solutions, installation and delivery according to SAP-standards (AAK)
  • Delivery of installations, upgrades and patches corresponding to valid risk-and compliance guidelines via ConVista Download Center
  • Software solutions and delivery processes are certified by the SAP International Certification Center (SAP ICC) Application and system maintenance together with SAP
  • SAP Global Service Backbone as infrastructure
  • Customized service level agreements
  • ConVista-owned SAP component XX-PART-CON
  • Secure remote system access for error analysis
  • Maintenance process and infrastructure according to SAP-standards

Alistair MacDonald

+44 115 853 2887