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IT- Architecture and - Strategy

Methodical functional architectures, implementations with open solutions and business cases with empirical value

The development of an IT- system landscape needs to fulfill numerous requirements. Existing processes need to be supported cost efficiently and product- and process innovations need to be enabled. The strategy for further development of architecture is following those two objectives. Major quality indicators, next to the technical infrastructure development, are especially the complexion and characteristics of the functional architecture.

Generally, in almost all companies, similar requirements exist, which are solvable with the help of a decent strategy: The IT is too slow with the implementation of business innovations, the costs of the IT are too high in areas which are sensitive with regard to margins, the flexibility of service offerings is too low or IT which is innovation leading is not used.

Functional / business-logic architecture

In the course of numerous projects, ConVista has learned how processes can be optimized by IT. Besides the implementation and integration of SAP-components, we have experience in the development of software as well. Thereof a methodology for the development of specialized architecture was created and an analysis of the resulting projects and plans. 

Business case

The combination of in-house developments, project catalysts and standards is being evaluated. Hence, ConVista is looking into different operating types like in-house, cloud or private cloud and makes suggestions for the organizational integration. In a separate analysis, our consultants will give recommendations regarding the technical infrastructure. Those reach from the user surface or BPM up to computer architecture.

  • Holistic development of an architecture based on specialized requirements
  • Implementation recommendations with open solutions
  • Organization-protecting projecting
  • Exposition of various business models
  • Business case with empirical value


Alistair MacDonald

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