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Working Capital Optimization

Improve the efficiency of financial supply chains

Cash flow is the lifeline of every company. Today;s global businesses face massive challenges with their liquidity management and companies cannot afford invoices to remain unpaid due to simple problems in the supply chain or in the billing process. It is, therefore, essential to clarify the reasons for unpaid invoices quickly. Companies need to search for solutions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their financial supply chains.

ConVista has implemented the SAP Working Capital Solution (Receivables Management) in different types of companies from various sectors in countries such as Germany, Switzerland and Spain. Our close relationship with SAP, coupled with our consultants’ wealth of experience help us ensure we produce good quality SAP solutions and create added value.

The Working Capital Solution reduces days sales outstanding (DSO) and bad debt write-offs. It helps to streamline the resolution of invoice and billing problems and facilitates more effective communications and collaboration across departments and with your customers. ConVista can help you to create procedures to collect outstanding receivables, manage customer credit lines and process invoice complaints. 

  • Collection of outstanding receivables, management of customer credit lines and processing invoice complaints
  • Automatic creation of dispute cases related to customer invoices and payment discrepancies, including all documentation necessary for its resolution
  • Quick and efficient analysis and assignment of dispute cases to process experts across different departments for further clarification
  • Extension of dispute resolution processes with automatic dunning integration and workflow integration leveraging the SAP Business Workflow tool
  • Proactive management of the collection of receivables, including dispatch of payment reminders, arrangement of promises-to-pay and automation of follow-ups, especially with high volumes of open items
  • Set up of promise-to-pay arrangements and dispute cases, set resubmissions, send correspondence and document customer contacts
  • Scoring and credit limit calculation and credit limit check
  • Credit information and decisions 

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