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Performance and Risk Management

Increasing performance by defining financial risk management processes

Companies are compelled to adapt rapidly to changes due to diverse market environments being shaped by ongoing globalization. Organizations go global to stay competitive and increase market share. As a result, cross border transactions and multi-currency invoicing are common, as are sourcing strategies in foreign markets. Growth strategies often come with hidden risks and it is of paramount importance that companies manage their financial risk. They must identify, control and mitigate risks arising from foreign exchange markets and credit, interest and market prices. Alongside hedge accounting practices and exposure management, risk management frameworks, embedded in a world class technology, lead to an increase in an organizations performance.

ConVista supports customers with tools and expertise to identify exposure and manage liquidity. We implement risk frameworks to control and manage market and commodity price risks. By applying accounting standards (HGB, IFRS, US GAAP), our consultants adhere to hedge accounting practices. We define hedge strategies by covering individual requirements. In addition, we use defined methodologies for effective testing and defined rules for posting.

We define reporting tools and channels, cluster information, build dash-boards and calculate risk ratios to help managers and treasurers to speed up decision making. With our expertise in selecting and implementing treasury management systems, we collaborate with our customers to select the right TMS or reporting system.

  • Definition of group wide financial risk management frameworks
  • Identification of risk categories: credit-, liquidity-, market price- and FX-risk
  • Application of mitigation techniques
  • Standardization of hedge accounting processes
  • Automated postings to general ledger
  • Delivering of customized risk reporting and ratios
  • Support of TMS selection and technical implementation 

Alistair MacDonald

+44 115 853 2887