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Settlement Procedure

Tailoring settlement processes to meet today’s challenges

Most companies across Europe still employ more traditional methods of payment, such as bank transfer or direct debit. However, an increasingly important role is being played by industry-specific group collections.

The trend towards replacing classic paper invoices with modern electronic invoices—or at least, adding QR codes to paper invoices—means many companies need to take action. To reduce company expenditure the perfect solution is to optimize both outputs and subsequent, internal processes by enhancing automation.

No matter whether it is agency collections for insurers, group collections for utilities, settlement of group contracts, or other settlement procedures—with our broad, cross-industry-specific expertise, ConVista consultants can assist you with all related projects in your company.

  • Improve the output, reduce costs
  • Improve internal subsequent processes, reduce costs
  • Agency collections for insurers
  • Industry-specific group collections procedures
  • Settlements of group contracts
  • Other settlement procedures
  • Cross-industry-specific expertise