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Take the fast lane with us!

ConVista PAVE – Get on the fast lane

Use our customer base and the established business model Pay As You Drive to offer additional services.

The new economy of sharing implies that no longer everyone has a car - and that the existing vehicles are used by different persons. The fact is: Car sharing models are gaining ground.

Long-standing market participants such as automobile manufacturers and insurances have to face completely new challenges. Under the pressure of Silicon Valley established business models change or are generally questioned.

Where does the journey go? And how does your company keep on track?

Our product ConVista Payment Vehicle (PAVE) enables you to position yourself as a partner for mobility services. Use the existing business model Pay As You Drive and your existing customer base in order to get safely to the future.

Get new market opportunities in the areas

  • Insurances for car or ride sharing
  • Spot insurance
  • Risky routes
  • Smart home
  • Insurance for autonomous driving
  • Fleets
  • Additional services around settlement such as the settlement for sharing communities

Become an active part of the sharing economy and rent your platform to new service providers or start-ups for mobility concepts still unknown. Or do you want to introduce your business model in cooperation with other mobility service providers? We support you in this project.

Very simple: ConVista PAVE provides you with a settlement platform for an insurance based on usage or/and behavior (usage-based insurance, UBI) and at the same time reduces the investment costs. Thanks to the open infrastructure you can integrate different services. And the cloud-solution on the basis of HANA-technology prepares you for the future.

By means of our new open source product Factor IPS, a modeling tool especially for modern, Java-based core insurance solutions, we can extend your existing systems: for example by functions for managing usage- or/and behavior-based insurances. By doing so, we contribute to the ongoing profitability of your investments already made.

In any case you do well choosing us: As experts in the insurance market we know your business. We integrate PAVE custom-fit into your insurance core systems and guarantee that you can keep on using them.

If you work together with us, you get

  • a settlement platform for a usage- or/and behavior-based insurance
  • a cloud-based solution with an open infrastructure for integrating different servicesE
  • seamless integration into your existing business processes
  • a platform for being able to cooperate with new service providers or start-ups

Drive on the fast lane with us – contact us!

Tobias Mangei

Associate Partner

+49 221 888 26-503