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Increasing Efficiency in Management Reporting

The right information in the right granularity at the right time

In a highly volatile business environment, high-quality, and more importantly, well-informed decisions have to be made more frequently, taking into account increasingly complex influences. It is, therefore, essential that decisions are based on solid information.  Executives need to be provided with the right information at the right time to enable them to manage the future of their company effectively.

It is here, that ConVista’s consultants can provide support: we can assist with the analysis and design of your reporting requirements, to ensure good quality, accurate data, in order provide management with essential information for the decision-making process. We can draw on our expertise to help you select the right technologies for your needs, whether it be based on classic business intelligence with a data warehouse or a SAP HANA in-memory database. We can also help you to identify meaningful KPIs and set up a key statistic management system. To achieve these goals  the design of our strategic information reports allows for an accelerated decision-making process. 

  • ·         Ad hoc provision of all information relevant for decision-making using cutting-edge technologies
  • ·         Homogeneous data basis and efficient report generation processes
  • ·         Real-time reporting—even for big data
  • ·         Creation of a key figure system
  • ·         Dashboard and management cockpits
  • ·         Mobile reporting

Torsten Temme

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